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Red Kelso

We started with our Red Kelsos from Cecil Davis (Tennessee) back in the 60s. Davis used to breed and handled cocks for Walter Kelso. My dad is a close friend of Cecil Davis and had access to most of his special pens. In the late 60s till early 70s, Davis was showing cocks under a combined entry with the young Johnnie jumper of Mississippi. They were successsful as a team. Jumper had access to the best Kelso lines of Davis and became known for it. When Davis passed away, my dad continued his Kelso strains thru getting fresh blood from Jumper. According to Davis and Jumper, the Red Kelsos are genetically a blend of Whitehackles, Roundheads, and hatch. Through the years of breedig these strains, my Kelsos come mostly light reds, yellow legs and peacomb. I call these my Davis Kelso strains. Occasionally a dark red would show up like the old out and out Kelso strain. I also have some white legged kelsos showing up, and even dark legs on rare occasions. So these are really cross fowls that Kelso propagated, just like what Duke Hulsey did with his Lemons. I like them and are winning a lot for me all these years. They are best cross to any of my Hatch strains for battlefowls.


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