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Circle L Testimonials
Hi Joseph,

Farm name: CB HAMMERHEAD GAMEFARM of Carlo Bueser U.S.

Farm Location: Brgy. San Pedro & Brgy. Del Carmen, Alaminos, Laguna, Philippines

There are so many things you've done to develop our fowls - I do not know where to start. But two things made me decide to stick with you through thick and thin - and that is your fowls and how you accommodated me when I needed help on my bloodlines.

Let's start with your fowls! I've gotten 4 Popeye's, 1 Silver Grey, 1 Hi-Action McLean's, 2 Blueface's, 1 McLean's, 9 Hawk's, 5 White Kelso's, 2 Hatch-Claret's and I've only lost 3 of them so far in very tight matches where the fight's would've gone either way, some are molting and acquired 2 to 3 wins on their belt. Some made it to the breeding pen and the rest are getting prepared for next years Cock Derbies. Awesome fowls - they will never embarrass you in the pit! It's been almost a year since these fowls reached the small town of Alaminos, Laguna and already they've collected admiration from the people that witnessed them spar and compete.

Your "Honesty and Patience" - to me is what makes you i-replaceable! You've been very truthful on all our transactions and very patient with me on times of collecting fees hehehe but kidding aside - We (our farm) gained our confidence back when we started breeding Joseph's bloodlines in the pens and and competing in the pits. We know that if this year was a blast - what more next year! Also, through his guidance I've created combination's I never knew would be awesome in terms of appearance and gameness, just shows he does not only act as a seller but your breeder too hahaha! and it works!.

How you treated me as a customer and a friend at the same time will always be listed on my book's of DEBT that someday I will need to re-pay! I owe you big-time.

More power to you and your family!! VIVA CIRCLE L GAMEFARM!!

Your friend always,

Carlo Bueser

Hi Joey,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you! On behalf of my friend Reggie we would like to express our sincerest gratitude doing business with you! We really appreciate your hospitality, amiability, fairness and being a man of his word - a true gentleman cocker! We will take good care of the brood fowl you sold us and hopefully they do us well!

We continue to wish you well in your cocking endeavors! I wanted to let the others know that dealing with Circle L means quality gamefowl and a beginning of a friendship. You have shown that you are open in sharing your ideas and knowledge; open to sharing your quality gamefowl and open to new friendships that are developed through this sport of ours.

You are what this sport needs a true gentleman, which is what you are from head to toe!

Cheers and mabuhay ka Joey!


Dom Acorda
San Jose, California

Reggie Cura
Star-spangled Farms
Tarlac City, Philippines

All my transaction with mr. joey lacson was done thru phone calls and email.... i started with the hi actions and eventually ended up buying almost everything if not all of the lines from circle l.... im very much satisfied with what bro joey sends me..... circle l fowls are now the base blood in my farm..... bro joey thanks for sharing your lines and thanks for the friendship.... goodluck in your cocking endeavor.... ill finally get the chance to see you in june......all the best...

Ramil Tan
rt samara/ s&s gamefarm
silang cavite

In behalf of bilancia gamefarm and my peoples i would like to highly appreciate the true kindness of circle L farm under the administration of sir joey"jovilac" himself,he is the kind of guy (owner)not only gamefarm owner but one of greatest breeder of all top qualities, tested and authentic fowls for this new era,new generation after generation,"the best there is,the best there was..and the best there ever will be..."thanx a lot sir for sharing some of your best stocks into my yards...your down to earth and the best breeder i ever met..hope through the year and after years you will continue the best things in your life...
best regards sir and god will always be with you both your loving families! i salute you!!

respecfully yours,
(mr.vic cadag and bilancia farm)
from italy...

" Bro Joey promptly response to my inqueries.
Just few emails and a call, I got my fowls shipped.
Needless to say quality fowls he got indeed at reasonable price.
Am very satisfied with what I got.

Bro, Surely I will visit your farm on my homecomming soon ...

Proud Circle L Fan,
Junmar Escalante

"Kay migo Joey at sa Circle L Farm: Thank you very much for helping us upgrade our breeding materials. Your Hi-action Mcleans & Kelsos probably the best gamefowl breed in whole world ever produced."

a forever Circle L friend,

Engr. Rolei Obaniana
Hamilton City, New Zealand




Sir Joey,

Good day and also to your family.

For me all i can say that the materials which you send to us are 100% satisfied eventhough through email & phone transaction only, because i know you are the type of person that we can trust, easy to deal and most of all one of the honest breeder. In general, all your materials are 100% guaranteed and tested in all prestigious derbies.

My farm are still on the process of developing and hoping to have more Circle L bloodlines. I made my future gamefarm name as VAN-VAN G.F., a combination name between me and my son. I am working here in abroad and i'm very thankful to my wife which is very supported to my passion.

Many thanks to you and hoping someday during my vacation i can visit your farm and most especially i can see in personal one of the best well known breeder. Just keep in touch.


Giovanni "Ivan" Po

Circle L fans and friends;

I am fortunate to visit Circle L Farm on April 2007 and I acquired a Hatch Kelso trio as a birthday gift to my father.Though,I've never seen the offsprings of the trio personally, as I'm based here abroad and has never been back home for more than 2 years now,I'm very happy to hear the positive feedback from my father.In fact, just lately this year,the first batch of the HATCH KELSO trio offsprings were tested by our buyers.From the 5 of them, 4 won in different pits in Manila and the other one 1 won in Negros.Now my father is happily crossing them w/ our existing bloodlines and he's very delighted w/ the results.

My trip to Circle L farm in Mambucal was a very memorable one.It was really a great experienced for me meeting Bro Joey.I really appreciate the warm welcome that he showed to me in his farm and if I could mention it the nice lunch as well.He is truly a gentleman of this sport,very accomodating and friendly.I salute the man and his fowls.

Madamo guid nga Salamat bro Joey and I hope to see you again soon.God bless to you and your family.

Jacob Sy

ABSY Gamefarm
San Enrique
Negros Occidental

La Carlota City
Negros Occidental

Acquiring from Joey was a breeze thinkin that we only communicated thru email and phone. Very easy to deal with, Humble and Honest. The fowls that he sent me were superb, far better than what i expected. This guys knows how to breed good if not the best chickens and aren't selfish to share them with neophytes like me. more power to Joey and the Circle L gamefarm!

Poch Gabriel
San Clemente, Tarlac

Good day to you Sir Joey,

Thank you so much for the trio that you send us and especially your personal bullstag(albany kelso) that you gave me(super mamalo) when my brother saw/received the fowls he's fully satisfied. Even i'm here at Qatar you have time to answer back my questions until now. Thank you for guiding me Sir Joey. We are not seeing each other yet but im so lucky and grateful that I do have line to a man like you. I'm so happy that I acquired fowls from Circle L Gamefarm...More champion Circle L...Mabuhay ka Sir Joey...

Jojo Aguirre - JRA gamefarm
SanJoseDelMonte, Bulacan

I am a small time fighting cock hobbyist based here in Yemen, I needed some good breeding materials to upgrade my old line and while surfing the net, I was able to chat with Joey Lacson sometime in 2007 and decided to visit his farm.

I was impressed with the breeding materials that I saw and decided not to go home empty handed. The rest is history. It proved to be very helpful in upgrading my old line. The products were very promising and more competitive, I even tested a stag last January 7, �09 against a matured winner cock and the performance was very impressive. It proved me right again during the 2nd NOCG Anniversary Charity Derby last April 25,�09, in tandem with a good friend Marlon Sulboan of Kabankalan, my first championship trophy was courtesy of the multiple winner Circle L Blueface cross, unscratched on his 4th win.

I only have three week vacation every ten week work and I make it a point to visit Circle L Game Farm, to visit a good friend and honestly, because the farm satisfies my thirst for superbly good looking fowls and the lechon sunshine chicken, with homemade piaya is very hard to forget.

�Circle L Game Farm is synonymous with solid bloodline�� Cesar Ambrad, Cadiz City, Negros Occ.

Because of my passion in breeding cockfighting, I've got a chance to meet the son of one of the master breeders in Philippines cockfighting history, Mr Joey Lacson.

It was Dec 2007 when my brother-in-law, a friend and myself decided to visit Circle L Gamefarm. From the moment we step out of the Bacolod Airport, you can feel the warm welcome of this guy. A breakfast in the hotel, lunch in the farmhouse and a dinner in their own family resort has been served. He also even manages our hotel accommodation. What an organised person!

As a newbie in this sport, it is vital for me to secure good breeding materials in a reputable, highly recognised, honest and high achievers breeder. In this kind of sport, there's no room for mistake. That's why I came up to Joey Lacson.

I acquired a trio of straight bred White Kelso, Hi-Action UZI line and Blueface which gives me more wins in the pit. My friend got a trio of Hatch Grey and two pcs of Hatch Kelso battlecocks which give him an edge in the pit. Both Hatch Kelsos won.

I gain not only good fowls but also a true friend. It was indeed my pleasure to have meet you in person even though I've started to known you from the net and to me you as a friend.

I dont have any doubts that the breeding materials that I've got from you are superb.

Mr. Al Santos of New Zealand/Australia
SnNarcissus Gamefarm
Cabuyao, Laguna

Bro Joey is a true, honest breeder� I bought some Hi-action brood fowls from him only thru email and phone calls and my handler is more than satisfied with what he sent us� They are really good not only in appearance but most importantly in sparring�

Bro, thanks for sharing some of your personal brood fowls� I got more than my money�s worth� And of course many thanks for the pure Mc Lean hen you gave me as a gift� Looking forward to visit your farm and acquire some more of your fowls in the future�

God bless and more power to Circle L and friends!

Jay M. San Agustin �jmsa�
Long Beach, California
Gen Trias, Cavite

Good Day,

Aquired some very good "THINKING" hatch blood from Circle L Gamefarm of bro Joey Lacson, his Mcleans, Blueface and the famous Hi Action Mcleans. The Mcleans and the Hi-Action mcleans are very shifty, with good timing and can cut very well, I infused them to my sweaters and roundheads, they add more flight and good fighting style to my battle crosses. The blueface are very powerful hatch of bro Joey, also shifty and have good frontal blows with very good cutting ability, they also have very good timing during saltos. I infused them to my roundheads, sweaters and to my other hatches who needs smartness and power.

I am very satisfied with the "THINKING" hatches I got from Bro Joey, this honest guy is easy to deal with, got my orders by phone only and he sends the best he got for me. His bloodlines will always be in RT3GAMEFOWLS battle crosses.


"It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial and admired you on such first class service you provided (especially my first transaction im very satisfied not only i got the best fowl in the business but i found the best person to deal with).... Not only the fowls you gave are top quality but so is the service which you provided too. On two occasions I have dealt with you , I have had the materials delivered on time. All the while you provide such a service, you shall have me as a customer for life. Keep up the good work and be sure to pass on my remarks to all the people concerned...

satisfied costumer...........

gerry macapagal
united kingdom
zamboanga city

again joey thanks alot.....

I visited Circle L gamefarm during my vacation over a year ago looking for brood materials to help my breeding program. I really appreciate the help and the warm welcome Joey and his farmboys showed me. Joey pick me up from the Bacolod pier and on the way from Bacolod and Mambucal we talked about what I need and what kind of bloodlines I am interested on breeding and the fowl that is available at Circle L that would be more helpful on my breeding program. He is very helpful and passionate regarding breeding and by the time we arrived at Circle L I had already come to conclusion that I need the Circle L hi-action Mcleans.

The first offspring from the Hi action Mcleans most did'nt survived the Typhoon Frank flood from the few that survived my uncle fought a hi action bullstag on a hackfight against
a rooster of a well known cocker/breeder in Kalibo and it won unscratch,the hi action demolish the other rooster very quickly.

I will always recommend the Circle L fowl to all new aspiring breeders. I am looking forward to my next visit in the near future to Circle L the Blueface Hatch is high on my list.
Many thanks and God Bless,

Regie Rondario

hello sir joey good day to you...on behalf of wildcards gameyard we are very satisfied of the trio we acquired from circle L...in fact all our stags this 2009 were all crossed with the original trio and their f1's to my stocks...all of them comes dark legged...i am based here in singapore, my brother and brother in law are the one handling my little gamefarm...i am looking forward of acquiring another material from circle l someday...im eyeing of your greys and blues sir joey but need to save first...thank you...god bless you and your family...

rhodito villamor
wildcards gamefarm

Hello po,

Its a great pleasure to write this testimonial and highly appreciated the way Sir Joey Lacson served me. My transaction with Sir Joey Lacson was done thru e-mail and phone calls. I am very satisfied with what i got from Sir Joey. His fowls is just simple the best for me. The kindness of Sir Joey continued upon helping me of some problems i got in my backyard and guided me what to do. Sir Joey is such a simple down to earth, easy to deal with and a honest kind of person. Hoping someday i can visit CIRCLE L FARM and have chickentalk in personal with Sir Joey. Best wishes to Sir Joey, to his Family and to all circle l friends. Thanks po.


Trondheim, Norway
Backyard at Calamba, Laguna

Hi Kuya Joey,

i made all my transactions to kuya joey thru phone calls, text message and e-mails... i haven't even see him personally... but believe me he gave the best breeding materials as if we've been together for many years.... at first we acquired a pairs of hi-action and blueface... it was a very good looking and super fighters just like manny pacquiao in the cockpit... and then after a month we acquired again a pairs of silver grey and leiper hatch... im telling you, rat graves would wonder why is he giving those kind of breeding materials to an ordinary breeder like me...hehehe!!!!!!! and then 3 months after we acquired again 2 pullets (Silver grey and Hi-action)..... whatelse should i ask for? kuya joey already gave the best...... and he never stop in giving advises what to do in breeding... a total satisfaction guaranteed when it came from Circle L gamefarm..
to my master and a friend........ kuya joey maraming maraming salamat!

Eugene Job Quial
4 Seasons-EJQ gamefarm
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

When you say the name Joey Lacson, two things comes into my mind regarding this fellow: honest and fair person. I have heard many sad experience about members of sabong.net that got robbed dealing with scrupolous breeders when they deal over the phone only, but not with this guy Joey Lacson. Eventhough my transactions with him is via phone and email only, he sent me real quality broodstocks. I also remember that he honestly told me that the Hi-action broodstag that he is about to send me caught some colds. He went out of his way to replace it and he even sent me one of his personal mclean broodstag which I am very happy to have because he has the making of a good producer. So to Joey Lacson, maraming salamat and may your winning ways continue.

Gary Lafiguera
ESGL Gamefarm

I am just a beginner, a small time backyard fowl enthusiast who wishes to start right with a solid brood material. It was my long time dream that someday i could raise my own chickens, and have been saving money in order to get hold of a decent bird in my yard eversince.

I acquired my first trio from circle L gamefam last 2007, a hi-action broodstag and two kelso pullets and my transactions with Joey Lacson was thru phone and e-mails only. Very happy i was indeed with what bro joey has sent me to start with! He helped me a lot, not only in my breeding program, but in almost every aspect of fowl raising which gave good results. Last year, i was fortunate enough to join BAKBAKAN and scored a decent 6 wins considering that it was my first time to join bigtime and a greenhorn in the sport. The stags fielded were out of the brood materials Joey sent me. They stood their ground against big names in the sport.

And oh by the way, i have'nt met Joey yet in person but im sure one of these days I'll make it a point to visit Mambukal and have lots of chicken talk wiith the man himself..

Thank you very much bro J for sharing your best bloodlines.. More power Circle L!!

Harold Edquid

Hi Joey,

First of all Good day to you and your family.I am sending this letter of thanks and appreciation for the stock that i got from you.

I am very pleased and happy with the material that was sent to my Yard.I could not ask for more.To be honest with you i am not expecting very much from my procurement as it was done by phone but the stocks that arrived have surpassed beyond my expectation.

I very much appreciated your honesty in dealing with me,my hats off to Circle L farm and Mr.Joey Lacson.Looking for another phone transaction with you.

Best Regards,

Raul Molina a.k.a Angkibit (Fire Blade Farm)
Davao del Norte

Bro Joey,

In behalf of GTR-GEO Gamefarm situated in Abucay, Bataan, I would like to grab this opportunity to extend my greatest appreciation to Circle-L Gamefarm.

First of all, myself being a member of Sabong. net website "a.k.a. Genesis" and whilst reading through various threads and postings, I have learnt a lot....and continuously learning and aware about the sabong sport news, several articles on farm management including gamefowls conditioning and breeding, listings of best breeders here in PI as well as in abroad and all other helpful information about Sabong Sport.

Through this process, I found myself regularly visiting Circle-L Gamefarm thread...a very interesting thread that we can observe many compliments about Cirle L gamefowls as the legacy of the late Mamie Lacson to the Sabong world and continually exists through his son Joseph Gerald V. Lacson.

Recently, though I have dealt only through emails with Circle L Gamefarm for my broodfowls acquisition, Joey Lacson had never failed to reply on my inquiries and made his best selection of their proven young broodfowls available in his Mambukal farm to my requirements.

Finally, on 17 August 2009, Cirle-L Gamefarm had shipped young (6~7 months) pure Mclean trio, pure Popeye Hatch Grey trio, pure Blueface pair and pure Hi-Action pair to Manila Domestic Airport via Cebu Pacific flight, they have been picked-up on time by my farm manager and arrived in the farm in good condition.

Last but not the least, we are very satisfied for the young broodfowls that Circle L has shared to us to be our solid foundation bloodlines in our gamefowl breeding!

More power and success to Circle L Gamefarm!

Best regards,
Engr. Generoso T. Ravago
Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer
KNPC-Project Department
Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Kuwait

Hello Joey,

First off, i would like to sincerely thank you for your warm welcome at your farm ... I am very happy with what i got - the broodfowls were robust in health and promise to be prolific producers... I especially liked the unrestricted walks around the yard to pick my broodstags of choice...
The sparring was great! i had great pleasure in ensuring i made the right choice !!! nothing replaces personal feeling of the bodies - bones, flesh and conformation ... i went back to my farm very much satisfied and felt i too have bragging rights...compared to mail order broodfowls without the personal touch... thanks for affording your kind hospitality and personal sharing of your breeding and fighting experiences with me...
I truly appreciate the honesty... i'm convinced you will most certainly carry on the good name and reputation you have long established ... more power to your breeding my friend !!! and my visit will surely not be the last...

best of regards,
Daniel Bayona

If i were asked to describe my feelings in one word after visiting your farm "Circle L" and letting us have your broodfowls, i would definetly say "MAGNIFICENT"!

Louie & Nelson

Sir Joey

the fowls have their 1st sleep in their new home
i and papa we're very satisfied of the fowls you shared
you're very helpful in our transaction
we appreciate and very thankful for the treatment u showed to us
your a true gentleman in this sabong world
looking ahead for more business with you in the future
Thank You po ng marami Sir Joey

best regards
Ray Bison



hi joey,

I just to wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you! Dahil ung mga nakuha ko sayo na popeye at bonecracher Blueface ay nanalo ung mga anak nila sa bakbakan joey. Naka 8 points straight ako sa bakbakan thius 2009, at nanalo ako ung Dec.14 sa Pangasinan co- champion ako sa 4cock derby at Dec.22 naman another 4-cock derby sinalihan ko sa las pi�as coliseum co- champion ako ulit. Napaka saya ko joey dahil 4 years palang ako nagbreed. Ngayon nakita ko agad yung mga alaga ko nag panalo at 90percent winning ung mga bloodline mo joey.

Maraming salamat talaga Joey sayo ulit at sa mga pinili mong bloodline sa akin naging successfull ang pag mamanok ko. God bless and take care always keep up a good work joey.

From: Allan Sy of Pangasinan

bro joey,
nais kong magpasalamat sa iyo sa mga hi-action na nakuha ko sa iyo bro...wala pang natatalo at mga big name sa aming sa batangas ang tinatalo..dami na nga nagtatanong ng number ko kaso di naman pagbenta yun para lang sa personal kong panlaban...napakasaya ko bro joey salamat ng marami

maraming salamat god bless bro more power

joel fernandez

Good Morning Joey,

Thank you very much for the Brood materials that you have given me last Year 2009 ( Blue Face Pair & Mclean Pullet ) and last January 2010 ( JJ Kelso O&O Broodstag and JJ Kelso Cecil line) .

I wasn't lucky enough on my first produce ( only 1 seed fowl ) due to the strong storm that hits my place, but January 1,2010 the blue face hen hatched a 9 strong chicks out of 10 eggs. Then after 3 weeks it started again laying and today it hatched 10 chicks out of 11 egss (90% hatchability).

Me and my brother are so happy that these materials including the Mclean Hen is a Super Egg Layer and a very Good Hatcher.

The infusion of Circle L Mclean Hatch to my Hulsey Grey gives more speed and power.The infusion of Blue Face to my Bonanza Black, makes him smarter and timely to his blows/feet out.

Yesterday my brother spar the Kelso Broodstag and he say's " Tol binitaw ko ang kelso ang galing napaka bilis". Kelso Broodstag is now paired with Mclean Hen and Blueface Hen ( seed ) to produce Battle fowls.

Again , we thank you very much for your nice materials and advice on how to breed your bloodlines. From time to time i will update you with he results of my breeding and how they perform out there in the PIT.

Although we only do our transaction by emails and phone calls , i got the good materials from you. Thanks also for your honesty....I wish i can pay a visit to your farm in the near future.

More power to Circle L GameFarm!!!

Eng'r. Gerald B. Garcia
Rizal Prov./ Middle East and North Africa Area

Good day to all Circle L fans...

Mr. Joseph Lacson, i have to say, a man with honor with top notch gamefowl...

Acquired a trio (a bluface stag and 2 hi-action pullets) from him through phone and e-mail only... im pretty amazed with this man... he sent us quality Circle L gamefowl, i would say, they are really Class A+... My Dad is very much satisfied with them and im very thankful for that... Definitely i would recommend him to anyone...

Hope to visit his gamefarm oneday to meet him personally and get more breeding materials...

God Bless to all...

James Sagario

Good day Sir Joey,

Im so thankful na even if na sa email and phone calls (most in text messages hehehe) ang transactions natin eh, because i know you are the type of person that we can trust, easy to deal and most of all one of the honest breeder very satisfied ako sa mga pinadala nyo sakin..the uzi line of high action and the brando line of blueface ang gaganda..at lalo na ang father ko happy na happy talaga sa mga pinadala nyo..aun busy sa pagbebreed ng mga materiales na pinadala mo..and we are very excited na lumaki na ung mga offsprings..

You�re a true and honest breeder sir I salute you for helping small breeders like us..

God bless to you sir..

My very best regards,
Andrew del rosario / Tony del rosario

Hi Mr. Joey,

Good day,

I would like to thank you for having a good transaction with you, i do hope i can make it again soon. By the way the birds are doing good, my father would like to thank you also. Once again thnk you and more wins to come Godbless Circle L.

Carlo Urbien

Hi Joey,

Again my sincerest thanks to you for a wonderful experience in your farm. Lenin will definitely never forget his first visit to your farm and the joy of meeting you. I can see that he will keep his interest in game fowls as he matures. Right now we are constructing the single-mate pen for the hens and we expect them finished by Saturday.

Best personal regard,

Joey, thank you very much for the hospitality you showed us during our visit sa imo nga farm. I am very pleased with the stocks that i got from you. I am back in cali right now. Back to reality. Hope to visit ur farm in the near future. Til then, thank you.

Jo-em Ygnalaga
Dumaguete, Neg.Oriental

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest thanks to Mr. Joey Lacson for his unparalleled management & behavior in dealing with us, neophytes & small time cockers. He equally deal people with both feet on the ground ( wether you are the famous or the ordinary cocker, you will absolutely enjoy the same treatment & accommodation from him. )

I have just acquired a JJ Kelso broodstag, a Blueface, Hi-action & Popeye Grey pullets and (6) Battlecrosses last Mar. 2010 only thru emails & text messages. In just a span of (5) months now, after the spectacular winnings of my (2) Blueface-Hiaction battle bullstag in two different Cock Derbies (both championship fights & eventually bagged Championship) against prominent cockers in Leyte & another Blueface-Hiaction against a 5X winner cock (3X hackfight & 2X derby according to the owner himself who approach me) with just minor scratches on their wings, I have earned recognition in our locality in the field of Sabong.

I never know & meet Joey Lacson but he merely gave me quality fowls that meets my total satisfaction in the sense that I never expected them to perform this excellent when it comes to fighting styles. I'm simply so happy & proud of these fowls which will eventually be the baseblood of my small breeding yard. Just very recently I have acquired another (6) Hatch-Kelso battle stags for my stag derby invitations.

If you feel like you are neglected yet aiming high in.the Sabong World, try what I did. Try CIRCLE L GAMEFARM with the very kind & accomodating Joey Lacson.

Again, thank you for sharing your gamefowls Joey.

Engr. Melvin B. Baronda
Leyte, Leyte

hi, sir joey kumusta ho kayo?sasabihin ko lang sayo nananalo noong sabado july 24. yong f1 ng pair of hi action na kinuha ko sayo,sa 3cock town fiesta derby.2win 1loss ang score ko,at napakaganda ng kanyang pagkapanalo.at halos lahat ng mga naging anak ng pair ay nagpapanalo sakin mapa cross o straight breed.at kahit sa pamamagitan lang ng telepono tayo nagkausap ng kumuha ako sayo ng pair ang tanging masasasabi ko YOU ARE ONE OF THE TRUSTED BREEDER.SALUDO AKO SAYO SIR JOEY!

oscar rafallo italy

Hi, Sir joey:

Good Day, My First Transaction With you Im Very Satisfied With the Quality Of Materials You Send. The Hi-Action Mcleans & Red Kelso Pullets, Even Through Emails You Send Me Quality Fowls, The Circle L Gamefarm Of Mamie Lacson A Honest & Trusted Breeder.
Thanks Alot Joey For Sharing Some Of Your Best Stocks.
Best Regards And God Always With You & Your Families.


Sir Joey,

Good day ! We are very happy upon receiving the trio, combination of Pure white Kelso stag, Pure High Action Mc clean & Pure Blue face Hatch pullets. that we have ordered.

We would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You for being so accommodating and having time for us. Me and my friend are very happy & satisfied when we saw the pictures, that You send to us attached to my email add.
WOW !!! awesome Trio, much more than if, Im the one personally pick up the fowls at the airport, maybe next shipment, because were still working abroad.
I would like to Thank also My wife, who is very understanding to me, that she is the one personally made final deals with Sir Joey- who is very professional in making deals. You will be hassle free and worry free, because You will be keep updated from receiving the payments to shipping and will arranged picking up of the shipment.

Now the Trios are being breed by my father in Cebu City, hopefully can see the off spring when I am home with my friend Alex. We are planning to have an entry for future Sinulog Derby in Cebu City & Ormoc City for the off springs.

Watch out for the comeback of Bantam Belio & soon to be breeder in Ormoc City of Alex Patana Reyes.
We will keep You intouch Sir Joey for updates of the offspring of your trio.

Again Thank You very Much Sir Joey, for your honesty & goodness..Hope to have more big time breeders like You, that can share their bloodlines, without hesitation.
God bless and More Power !!!

Oliver P. Bayon & Belio Bayon
Bantam Belio Entry of Cebu City

Alex Patana Reyes
Ormoc City


One of the KelsoXHi-Action offsprings won again 2 weeks ago. I am
glad to have bought my first Trio from you and the stags performed
just like you said. You're one of the few honest breeders out there.
I plan to pick up another trio next time I'm back home.


Robert Serapio

good day joey,

thanks for sharing with me the trio of popeye grey brood materials and the

battle crosses. i have been receiving positive feedbacks about them. joel, who is incharge in my farm is very much satisfied on the brood materials and how the stag battle crosses display a consistent fighting style. be it in buliks, white, speckled hatches, greys and kelso hatch blends shows awesome cutting abilities in their videos that they send to me. our transactions is based only thru e- mails and i put my trust in you to personally choose the fowls that i needed and you did not disappoint me. for me, you are really honest person to deal with. i am not surprise if your buyers keeps coming back for their cocking needs. the fowls that i bought more than deserves the price that i paid. joey, thanks again and your fowls will always have a special place in my farm........

alberto p. marquez....(a.k.a almar1951) tayug, pangasinan----turin, italy

Boss Joey,

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude in giving me your valuable breeding stocks.. It was on the year 2007 when i first known circle L gamefarm via the internet, the following year, i ordered a pair of popeye grey thru TELEPHONE and i was so amazed with the result, the offspring of the pair were awesome.. ferocious and brainy greys with a lots of power to burn..

My satisfaction is beyond compare, so i ordered again, white hens then hawk stag, brando stag and bf- hiact pullet.. It was on January 13,2011 when my dream of meeting the owner of the farm, Joey Lacson, in person became a reality. It was a surprise on my part coz i never expected to be treated like somebody in his place. He even helped me in choosing my new broodstag... hehehe!

Verily, Joey is such a very nice person with a very kind heart. thank you again boss j for sharing your excellent fowls..

I'll visit circle L gamefarm again in the future.. God Bless!

Dear Joey,

My testimonial letter for you.

"I'm Dennis Tan, Sieger Farm of Brgy.Libato, San Juan, Batangas. I met Joey through website and started communicating thru emails and text, i did not expect to meet such wonderful person, very professional, all the trio i purchased from him is personally picked by Joey, i got a pure trio HIGH ACTION, pure trio POPEYE GRAY (the winning bloodline), and lately i got a pure trio WHITE KELSO plus one WHITE KELSO broodhen, it is worth every penny.

All i can say about JOEY is his professionalism, even though we never met personally, I can give my 100% trust in him, nowadays, you can rarely find someone you can trust like JOEY LACSON, very consistent in all the deals we made. He even shared to me his personal breeding of WHITE KELSO trio just to serve my request.

To you Joey, hats off!!! Thank you very much for entrusting me your best bloodline! More business with you in the future! and more power! God Bless!!!

Peter Pio
Backyard breeder
Ballesteros, Cagayan
Fairview Quezon City

Boss Joey,

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude in giving me your valuable breeding stocks.. It was on the year 2007 when i first known circle L gamefarm via the internet, the following year, i ordered a pair of popeye grey thru TELEPHONE and i was so amazed with the result, the offspring of the pair were awesome.. ferocious and brainy greys with a lots of power to burn..

My satisfaction is beyond compare, so i ordered again, white hens then hawk stag, brando stag and bf- hiact pullet.. It was on January 13,2011 when my dream of meeting the owner of the farm, Joey Lacson, in person became a reality. It was a surprise on my part coz i never expected to be treated like somebody in his place. He even helped me in choosing my new broodstag... hehehe!

Verily, Joey is such a very nice person with a very kind heart. thank you again boss j for sharing your excellent fowls..

I'll visit circle L gamefarm again in the future.. God Bless!

The series of transactions with Joey were made thru emails and phone calls.
Initially I ordered a HIGH ACTION pullet just for me to see if the things I hear and read about Joey are true.
Lo and behold the pullet Joey had shipped was very fine specimen!!! I had apprehensions doing business with people, especially doing business without meeting them personally. But all that changed the moment we finished the first transaction. I was confident making the second transaction, ordering 2 WHITE KELSOS who by the way are BAKBAKAN winners beating other well known Bacolod breeders. According to Joey the Pcomb White Kelso won clean while the Straight comb won with a minor cut, both stags can be fought again. After 3 days of rest from the long travel from Bacolod to Manila to Laoag we tried sparring the White Kelsos with the best conditioned cocks we have and to my surprise they were SPECTACULAR!!! If I wasn't informed by Joey that these were pures I'd have mistaken them for a ready to fight battlecross. The pcomb is quick on his toes and very elusive and would attack when he sees an opening. The straight comb on the other hand is a bit more aggressive and fights more like a HATCH which breaks high and boy does he hit hard, like an angry mule!!!
After the second transaction Joey has my full trust. The next deal were 2 HIGH ACTION pullets who are full sisters from the UZI line (my very first HIGH ACTION pullet was from the TOUCH OF CLASS line).
The good thing about Joey is that he walks me thru my breeding program both with the CIRCLE L birds and the birds i got from other breeders. He tells me the best breeder to get a particular bloodline from. He has good things to say about other breeders and their bloodlines. He tells me stories about the Legendary Mamie Lacson and his American breeder friends and how they used to do things. He has a very good sincere heart.
My next transaction is the time I'll meet Joey personally and thank him for the breeding materials he shared with me and hopefully get the best Circle L Hatch broodstag Joey has to offer.


As a neophyte in gamefowl breeding, buying fowls that are selling in the market like hotcakes is what I did. As years passed by and gaining some experience, I have shifted from one strain of hatch to another in search of one that would satisfy me. More importantly one that could win in our style of fighting.

Reading articles from magazines and from the Internet, watching videos from the Internet, talked to some people around and even asking advice from well-known breeders � This started my interest with the hatches of Circle L Gamefarm!

It all started thru emails and phone calls. I purchased first some few pullets to cross with existing bloodlines. To my surprise Mr. Joey Lacson sent beautiful pullets. After breeding them and watching their offsprings spar it made me decide to visit his farm earlier than usual not to be left with leftovers and personally select more fowls.

Upon reaching his farm� We first walked from tie cord to tie cord selecting stags for breeding then lined up in folding pens to be sparred in the �rueda�. While sparring and right there and then� I said to myself �These are the hatches that I�m looking for. Bred for Philippine style of fighting and can be fought pure.� After the stags we select pullets and I compared what I saw with the ones he sent me and I can say you can trust the man that even thru phone calls he definitely will send you the best stocks available that will make your money�s worth.

�Hats off to the people behind Circle L Gamefarm and more power!!!�

Jv Limjoco
Angeles City

Hi Joey!

i would like to thank you for sending me class A fowls. i really like them a lot.
i have purchase other fowls from different and well known breeders but the ones i got from you meet my standards.
although i'm just a backyard breeder i want quality fowls and i got them from you even though we only spoke over the phone.

i would like to share with you an instance where i met an old lady,who is a neighbor, asked me where did i acquire my gamefowl, and when i told her that i got them from circle L of Joey Lacson. the response was "Oh! Joey Lacson, he' an honest breeder and his fowls are good." i was really surprise to hear that from a 70 or so year old lady.

anyways, once again i would like to thank you for the fowls you choose for me.
till my next order of fowls,

your friend in the sport,
ric chua

Hi Joey!

i would like to thank you for sending me class A fowls. i really like them a lot.
i have purchase other fowls from different and well known breeders but the ones i got from you meet my standards.
although i'm just a backyard breeder i want quality fowls and i got them from you even though we only spoke over the phone.

i would like to share with you an instance where i met an old lady,who is a neighbor, asked me where did i acquire my gamefowl, and when i told her that i got them from circle L of Joey Lacson. the response was "Oh! Joey Lacson, he' an honest breeder and his fowls are good." i was really surprise to hear that from a 70 or so year old lady.

anyways, once again i would like to thank you for the fowls you choose for me.
till my next order of fowls,

your friend in the sport,
ric chua

Hi Joey,

At last after 23 months I came back to you with good results and to say , these Blue face/kelso and Kelso/Blue face are very tough . They really are breed of champions....both ways cross are accurate on cutting and one-two blows the opponent are already down fatally wounded. Only the kelso x blue face are very hot on fight he wants to crush his opponent even the other stag is down on the ground, but he's a very strong stag at 8-9 mo.old. The blue face x kelso is very cautious , if his opponent is already down he will just look on it. Both are dead game.

I won 3 stags today at New Antipolo Cockpit , with my championship fight stag having a cut intestines and still managed to win.

Last 25 October 2011, I won in a 2 stag derby using the combination of Blue face and Lemon 84. Just like the hatch kelso cross , waiting for the other stag rushing to come, then Bang! Opponent are already down.

Blue face x Sanford sweater is also a very tough stag, I won last Oct.5 at texas with an open bet on bigtime opponent. The other stag is very good , shifty and leaving his feet while reversing, during the fight my stag was cornered and was right crippled, but when he saw a chance , he shuffles untill the other stag is dead.

I'm very happy for what I got from you Joey, again on behalf of my Brothers we thank you very much.... My guys are now fully confident going to any fight , as long as they are armed of your stocks.

I still have 11 hatch/kelso crosses and a month of November 2011 to enjoy the breedstocks of CIRCLE L.



Magandang araw SIR JOEY, kamusta na po kayo pati family ninyo...i hope everything are all fine and in good health...

More than a week na uli ako sa Saudi, na e-mail ako dahil gusto sanang mag pasalamat sa inyo SIR JOEY, iyong mga ipinadala ninyo sa aking pair ng pure popeye grey at hi action ay MAGAGANDA at malulusog...sa ngayon ay nangingitlog na ito....i am very much excited by next year may anak na ito....

Again, thank you very much for your HONESTY and PATIENCE...i hope next year maka order uli ako sa inyo..especially the white kelso...


Max Lumagui

gud morning sir joey,ito po ang testimony ko para sa nakuha kung mga manok noong january 2011 na trio white kelso stag, hi-action pullet at sonamagan pullet. Ang offspring nila magagaling super mamalo mga anak nila masaya ako sa mga offspring nya. Yong speckled pair na nakuha ko magagaling din mga offsring nya kaso konti lang napalabas kung stag at marami pullet nya kaya nakasalang ulit ngayon pati mga offspring na pullet nya. Kontento ako sa mga binigay mong materyales ang bait mo talaga sa pamamagitan lang ng email at phone lang tayo nag uusap. Sana makabili nanaman ako ng ibang materyales sayo tnx.sir joey.


Good day Sir Joey,

below is my short testimonial for what I got from u.

Recently bought breeding materials from Circle L Gamefarm and I am very satisfied with them.
I could say PERFECT, body comfirmation, looks and most importanly the way they fight. they are perfect package. Thank you Sir Joey for choosing them for me.

Nelson Aranas
Aircraft Engine Disassemble Supervisor

Good day Joey,

I hope you're doing fine. I would like to share with you the outcome of the Mclean and Silver Grey trios I ordered from you. The Mclean trio that I got from Circle L last January 2011 produced excellent stags. I mated the 2 pullets with the broodstag. The Mclean stags I produced were used during the 4-stag derby eliminations of GFBAR last October 2011 and they emerged co-champion. GFBAR is our breeders association in Santiago City, Isabela and nearby towns. Am now crossing the Mcleans and the Silver Greys to my own bloodlines which I have like the JJ Kelso, 5K Sweater, Gary Gilliam Roundhead and Rat Graves Grey. The produce will be used in the next stag derbies. The Circle L Silver Grey also crossed very well with my Rat Graves Grey, they sparred with lots of power and speed, although I have not yet fought the offsprings, maybe by year-end.

May I know if you have available straight-comb Mclean pullets? Thanks and regards.



Good day po sir joey,

I�m really satisfied dun sa pinadala po ninyo� BTW sir ask ko lang po what line po ba ung kelso pullet(WB#3081)??? Okay po naman ung mga na acquire ko, bayaw ko po ang in charge as of now, sana nga po eh maging healthy ung mga padating na chicks� Try ko po muna kung ano ang magiging outcome nung mga offsprings nung Cuadra, for sure po na sau uli ako kukuha ng materials in the near future, prefer ko nga po eh ung white kelso po nyo, most probably po eh broodstag or a pair� kaya nga po sabi ko kay bayaw eh iipunin naming ung mga pullets offsprings as a preparation for the WK.

Again sir maraming salamat po in sharing ur seedfowl, u just make some people happy in ur own little way�

God bless po,

William Tan

sir joey kumusta po kyo?sir gusto ko lang ipaalam at magpasalamat ulit sa inyo dahil nag champion kami sa 2 cock ulutan last sunday november 4.gamit ang mga hi action crosses at nanalo sila sa napakagandang performance at ung 1st.fight natin ay 3times winner na sya at apak tari lang naging sugat at tumakbo ang kalaban sa lakas ng palo ng ating manok.ung 2nd.fight natin ay walang sugat at ang akala ng mga tao ay talo manok natin kasi pagliparan ay nasa ilalim sya ngunit pag bagsak ay papatay na pala ang kalaban dahil nadukutan nya ng palo sa ilalim.at sana ay gumalaw ng maganda ang ating mga hi action crosses at straightbreed hi action sa darating na 3cock derby sa december 17.at ang tanging masasabi ko lang sayo sir ay isa kami sa mga napaka swerte na nagkaroon ng iyong mga linyada lalo na ang hi action.kasi bukod sa winning line nanamin sila ay multiple winner pa sila.kaya subra ang aking pasasalamat at pinagkatiwalaan nyo kami ng iyong mga linyada.

muling nagpapasalamat oscar rafallo jr.

Brother Joey,

When you get a chance take a look at my FB. I have posted my first generation of my breeding.

The 5 stags that are Popeye x Hatch (from you) are pretty awesome. I sparred 4 of them yesterday for the first time and 3 out of the 4 showed GREAT characteristics�very much Class A stock..without a doubt�.
I have my second generation chicks now and hope that they will be similar.
Results have far exceeded my expectations.

Thank you again for all of your help.

In the USA I was an avid fine wine fan ..living 30 minutes from Napa.
On many occasions I would convene with the winemaker over a fine glass of wine and ask him what his secret was for producing such high caliber wine.
In every situation the response was always the same�.to make excellent wine you have to have high quality fruit (grapes)�I believe the same holds true with sabong.

It all starts and ends with the bloodline..the rest of the stuff although important do not carry the weight of the bloodline.

Thanks again my friend

George Noland


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