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Blueface hatch and Sonamagan Hatch

My Blueface hatch came direct from Harold Brown, these are good and solid foundation Hatch blood that are hard to obtain. They are smart, good-timing, deadly cutting hatch fowls with lots of power. Comes 100% straightcombs, they are well-balance medium station fowls when pure. They would blend well to any good families of gamefowl.

My Sonamagans are heavy on blueface blood, they are genetically 3/4 blueface ( a blend of Harold Brown's Left nose blueface and Bill Baumgarner's blueface which is heavy on Ruble blood) and a quarter High Action. All the sonamagans came from one ancestor, which is Sonamagan, the original broodcock of my dad who was a 3x winner when retired in the broodpen. He proved to be a good producer of winning lines. They come 90% st.combs, dark and light hackled, med-high stations. They show plenty of power, smartness, and superb cutters.


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