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White Kelso or Kidlats

My Kidlats are white kelso strain that i personally developed thru the years. This started from a white kelso hen that was a throwback from a red kelso pair we originally got from Bud Mcpherson. I single mated a spangle hatch broodcock over the white kelso hen. The spangle hatch was heavy on mclean and had some spangled whitehackle blood in him. These matings produced 5 spangle white stags (sinibalang), all brothers were fought in a 7-stag GFBAN in 2001 and eventually all won bagging the championship. One particular brother won twice in the same meet, this one showed outstanding cutting skills, which i decided to breed him back to his white kelso mama. This mother x son mating produced some solid white offsprings and a few spangled whites. This became the start of my white kelso strain. I would breed them to my hatch for battlecrosses. And breed them back towards the white side for maintaining the strain. Thru the years of breeding them close as a set family, they would vary in color from solid whites, to spangle whites, and occasionally doms would show up. They have been winning for us all these years.


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